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Environmental Policy

We strongly believe that it is one of our corporate social responsibilities to reduce various impacts on the global environment that result from our business activities of manufacturing and providing cold headed products and those related to them. Therefore, our entire organization along with every employee put together will work on energy-saving and environment-conserving activities positively so that we become a company that can contribute to society and the regional community.

  • We accurately assess the impact that we have on the environment and continuously improve our activities to conserve the environment.
  • We make efforts to prevent environmental pollution in all our workplaces.
    We make efforts to reduce the amount of resources we use and that of wastes we discharge.
    We make efforts to reduce the amount of energy we use.
  • We observe environment-related laws and regulations and other requirements that we have accepted as a company.
  • In order to carry out this environmental policy, we notify all the employees of the policy and make them follow it thoroughly by putting up a notice and through education. All the departments of our company set their specific environmental goals and implement their plans to achieve the goals. We notify our related companies of our environmental goals and request them to understand and cooperate with us.
  • We deepen the exchange with the regional community and make efforts to protect the region's environment.
  • We describe our environmental policy clearly in our corporate brochures, etc. so that everyone can know about it.

President of ARAI PARTS Co., Ltd.

Mitsuaki Arai

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